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Nick Walden: #WhyIJoinedElasticity

Nick Walden:

There are two things I’ve always wanted: to own a hoverboard a la Back to the Future II (get off your ass, Mattel), and to work at an agency. Though back in the day it was more CIA and less AMI.

I spent the first five years of my career working in a wide variety of settings that allowed me to expand my design skills while still building on my marketing repertoire and real-life experience. While evaluating where I was and where I wanted to be, I realized I needed to make a change or risk having to do some back-tracking in the future.

I hadn’t heard of Elasticity before I started looking closer at the agencies around town for potential employment. Their website was heavy on robots, bacon, and sarcasm. I am a big fan of all three. They also had a little area set aside to list their “People Principals” which at first, if I’m honest, I thought were probably an overt ploy to lure in gullible creatives and impress would-be clients. But I’m willing to give people the benefit of the doubt, so I sent an email to one Aaron Perlut that, among other things, included:

“I am also fully committed to growing a mustache, if necessary.”

I am still convinced that seeing that phrase while scanning the email is the only reason he felt compelled to pass my note along to Brian.

I knew I wanted to find a place that would allow me to take on new challenges and where I could participate in the creative process. I also wanted to find a place that was growing, so I could grow along with it. Above all though, I wanted to find a place with energy. The type of energy that comes from people being passionate about what they do and not just punching a clock. Seeing people care about the work they are doing and putting forth the extra effort it takes to make success happen is something that will always fuel my creative fire.

So if there is one reason that I joined Elasticity it would be that I like to play with fire.

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