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Meet Cassie Harter

Media Specialist and Assistant to the Regional Manager
cassie@goelastic.com / (573) 355-1125 / twitter.com/

Favorite Things


  • Digital Media Buying
  • Data Analysis
  • Compulsive Budgeting
  • Report Generation
  • Movie & TV References
  • Geeky Tattoos

The Fine Print

Cassie is a Media Specialist and Assistant (to the) Regional Manager at Elasticity. She loves all things data and regularly geeks out over new tools and ways to present facts and figures. She traffics and optimizes online campaigns, and analyzes results to make the data easily digestible in reporting for those who don’t share her passion for numbers. She is a graduate of the University of Missouri, a Gryffindor, and is certified by the Columbia Business School in Digital Marketing: Planning and Analytics.

Cassie joins the team as the second ginger. She has 4 years of digital marketing experience under her belt including small agency, programmatic, and ad network positions. She fell in love with the Adtech industry while working for Adtech giant RhythmOne’s network branch, trafficking display and pre-roll video ads with direct buys from the likes of Hillary’s campaign and Volkswagen . She also spent time with traditional and streaming radio placements at Zimmer Communications.

Cassie is an STL native with an affinity for Cardinals baseball, provel cheese, and mid-century style arches. She spends her downtime working on a variety of personal lists & budgets, hanging out with her two cats & one boyfriend, and binge-watching a combination of The Office, The Simpsons, and Forensic Files with sprinkles of Star Trek: TNG. A few weekends per year she travels outside her comfort zone to Wizard World St. Louis and Planet Comicon in Kansas City, but is generally a happily introverted homebody.