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Rachael Powell: #WhyIJoinedElasticity

From restocking the popcorn at a softball field to leading social media strategy for some of the world’s biggest brands, I’ve looked for one thing in every job and position I’ve held since I started working at age 15. I want to work with people who are diverse in their thinking, in their backgrounds and in their ideas.

Diversity of thought is a crucial component of any work place.

I want to learn from others. I want to have conversations about current events and pop culture. And I want to spend time with people who value my diversity of thought just as much.

When I met the team from Elasticity for the first time, these characteristics were quickly evident. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone at Elasticity loves bacon. Not everyone here wears a mustache. We have team members who love reality TV, who love giving back, who love the outdoors, who love working out and more. We’re passionate about our industry, our agency and our craft. But we’re also passionate about our passions.

Yes, we’re quirky. Damn right, we’re smart. We’re Elasticity.

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