2013 Elasticity Office Fantasy Football Draft Recap
If there is one thing we look forward to at Elasticity, it is an excuse to drink and have a good time with each other. Fantasy football is the perfect opportunity for office fun and to make fun of Aaron.
With a great team and office culture, we really do have a blast. This year’s draft was no different. Now that the draft is done, it is my duty as league commish to hand out draft day grades. Hit the link to see our rosters for yourself and comment with your own draft thoughts!

Nick: It must be tough being 29 and bald. I’d feel bad for him if he didn’t have such a solid draft class.  Adrian Peterson, Danny Amendola, and Matt Ryan. If only Nick had the aging pattern of his TE Tony Gonzalez!

Dave: B Payton Manning looked good in the preseason and so does Viz’s team. With a good mix of grizzled veterans and young difference makers, Bear Down looks like an Elasticity team meeting. Let’s just hope his starting line up actually shows up.

Aaron: D- Stevan Ridley in the second round, Andrew Luck’s acne in the 6th… but hey at least he has David Akers. Tavon Austin could end up being the sleeper of this draft, with all the potential in the world but a long way to come, he could be the Brad Fitzgerald of the Ram’s office. *Aaron opted to autodraft this year, so it could have been better/may have been worse if he didn’t have client work to attend to.

Rachael: C+ From the way Rachael votes and chooses running backs (Rashard Mendenall), you’d think she hates patriots, but she doesn’t. Picking up the Pat’s promising defense in the 12th round, Jamaal Charles in the first, LeSean McCoy in the second, and Matt Schaub in the 8th, this team has the potential to put up points. I’d grade this team higher, but they hate American Excellence.

Zach: C+ There are a bunch of average players here, just like a Social Media Club meeting. The difference is the guys on Zach’s team actually have high paying jobs. Chris Johnson recovers from 2000 yard seasons like Aaron recovers from a night of drinking but Drew Brees can throw the ball all over the yard and is always a big treat to any opponent.

Mark: C This team was autodrafted, and it shows, but with solid picks in the first four rounds, this team could have been a serious contender had they not drafted Tony Romo.

Andy & Brian: C- Only time will tell if this team can be ignored to victory. Ray Rice is a great first round pickup, Steven Jackson was a great pick 10 years ago, and Colin Kaepernick could be good if his eyes aren’t too hurt from wearing sunglasses inside too much.

Ryan: With a shared love for stupid hairstyles and hot wives, Ryan and Tom Brady are a match made in heaven. Megatron in the second round is a steal, but Darren McFadden is the Man Made of Glass and won’t last the season. Torrey Smith could end up being the best late round pick of this draft.

Scott: A- While Scott’s draft shows he can make good choices, his decision to not do the H&R Block Tour for Continued American Awesomeness last year doesn’t. Always nice to see things improve, and I think that will be the case with Trent Richardson, Gulby’s second round pick. With a solid stock of QBs, RBs and WRs, the western most team in the league has potential to throw up points like Pacman Jones with singles in a strip club.

Ashton: B Aaron Rodgers could be a huge pick from the #1 spot, or we could end up making a lot of fun of Ashton for passing on last year’s MVP. One thing is for sure, Ashton’s team likes to party; employing both Ben Roethlisberger and Rob Gronkowski. While Gronk earns his points and his sex, Ben just surrounds himself with big guys who can keep defenders away.

Jamie: B- Since Jamie drafted Michael Vick I will have keep a close watch on Dash and Chewy when she is in the office. We learned something else about Jamie from her drafting Cam Newton: She will go to work for the highest bidder. Arian Foster, Brandon Marshall, Mike Wallace, and Jared Cook will all be solid pickups and could lead this team to victory as long as a canine isn’t within 300 feet.

Brad: B- Alfred Morris could easily be a one year wonder and Eddie Lacy is an unproven rookie. Sam Bradford sucks and Russell Wilson is short. Overall, this team has a big chance of sharing the fate of Aaron Hernandez’s friends. Could easily get killed.

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