7 Healthy Tips for Office Productivity


No matter who you are, not every day at the office is a breeze. A lot of productivity tips are about the work itself. However, it’s important to remember that it’s not just about doing better — it’s about being and feeling like the best version of yourself. Here are seven tips to keep your energy optimized and your mind sharp throughout the work day.

Start your day with a bird’s-eye view

When you sit down at your desk in the morning, don’t go straight to your email. Zoom out and plan your day first, before you get pulled in multiple directions. Make a to-do list, and denote which items are urgent and which can wait if needed.

Be comfortable

It’s challenging to sit for hours a day. Make sure your work environment allows you to be comfortable. Try to sit up straight, support your back with a pillow and make sure your chair is comfortable. If you have wrist pain, you might like a separated keyboard. If you get eyestrain, take breaks. No one’s productive if their body is whining. Make the changes you need rather than dealing with something bothersome, and you’ll be able to channel your focus better.

Soak up some sunshine

Take a break and head out into the sun. Vitamin B12 can help increase your energy. This is a great alternative to your 2 p.m. coffee rush when you’re running out of steam. Grab a coworker and make it even more energizing!

Move it or lose it

If your body goes to sleep, you go to sleep. Take breaks to move throughout the day and keep your energy boosted. Take opportunities (like waiting for a meeting room to clear up, finishing a project quicker than expected or waiting on hold) as an opportunity to stretch or get up and walk around. Opting for the stairs instead of the elevator is also a nice trick to keep the blood flowing. If you want to go the extra mile, plan some time every week to get out of the office and exercise with a coworker.

Stay hydrated

Not only is this important because a lot of us drink hydration-depleting sugary drinks, but it’s also relevant because lack of water is a common cause of exhaustion. Since it is recommended that you consume half of your body weight in water, keep a large container of water with you on your desk so you’re encouraged to keep drinking throughout the day. Add a slice of citrus to keep it interesting.

Add some play in the day

Yes, you’re at work to work, but some play can refresh your mind. Chat with a coworker, play a game of ping pong or do a round of Pictionary! If you love to draw, take a break and doodle. If you love to hula hoop, bring one to the office!


Literally and figuratively. The weight of a stress building up can slow you down. Take some big breaths throughout your day. When you feel good, you perform better.

Feel better already? Good! What are some of your go-to tactics for staying sharp throughout the day?

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