A Look into Facebook Audience Insights & the FIFA World Cup

Sometimes it’s difficult to explain my job to people outside of the advertising industry, mostly because when I do, I get the “So, you just play on Facebook all day?” Well, for the past week, their assumptions have been quite accurate – I have been playing on Facebook all day because I just got access to Facebook’s super exclusive Audience Insights! Now I have access to a ton of data for any target audience of my choosing (ages 18+, of course!) and I promise only to use these powers for good. The more data I can gather on target audiences for my campaigns, the more relevant I can tailor the messaging to improve your experience on Facebook through paid advertising.


However, since it’s World Cup time, I thought we’d check out FIFA World Cup followers in three top countries playing today: USA, Germany and Portugal. Here’s what I found:

  • Mostly men follow FIFA in each country, but Portugal has the highest percentage of women, 31%.
  • USA FIFA followers had the highest percentage of people with a graduate school level of education at 7%.
  • Top job categories in each country were Food Preparation & Services in Germany, Sales in the USA and Arts, Entertainment, Sports & Media in Portugal.
  • Portuguese FIFA fans like 48 Facebook pages on average, just slightly higher than Germany at 45 and USA at 43.

Similarities Between Countries

  • All three countries prefer to “like” posts rather than sharing or commenting on them. USA is the dominant in using only mobile devices to access their Facebook newsfeed.
  • The Welsh footballer, Gareth Bale, who plays for La Liga Club Real Madrid is one of the top favorite athletes for Portugal and Germany.


  • All three countries can find common ground over their favorite video game: EA Sports FIFA.  A game near and dear to my heart since everyone around here calls me EA Sports instead of calling me Emily Ann or EA. Trust me, it’s not due to my mad gaming skills because I have exactly zero.

Now go get in the game!

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