Ashton Beck: #WhyIJoinedElastcity

After graduating college in 2006 I knew I wanted to work in either marketing or technology. My ultimate goals were to find a place I was valued as a member of the team, where coming to work everyday wasn’t a chore, and somewhere I could find a work life balance.

In 2012 I was offered the opportunity to work as part of Charter Communication’s UMatter Social Media team. This was the coolest job I had since graduation. J My position gave me the opportunity to work in Social Media and Customer Service (two aspects I feel are extremely vital to the success of a business).  After working with the UMatter team for 6 months the unthinkable occurred and the department was closed.

Heartbroken and jobless I started an unannounced vacation January 2013. I know it was time to start working on ways to achieve my career goals and not just get “another” job. I’ll admit it, as corny as it may sound I believed in fate, and ending up in the right place at the right time. Lucky for me, my hard work, drive and personality had shown through during those 6 years with Charter.  One day, out of the blue, I was contacted about a digital media company called Elasticity by a close friend. I began researching the agency and why my friend felt I’d be a good fit for this agency. Also, I had to evaluate what special traits I could bring to them (aside from more diversity).

Well, who in their right mind would not find a place that loves bacon, mustaches, dogs, pandas and more, the best place to work?

I admit laughing hysterically the first time I read the website, and knew this agency has a lot to offer. The icing to the cake (with a side of froyo) was on interview day. Typically anyone from around St. Louis already knows June is an extremely hot month, especially for long dress pants, long dress shirt and a tie.  I showed up to Elasticity nervous, excited, and HOT (yes I looked great, but temperature wise too)! When I walked in everyone was in casual attire, and honestly, I felt a bit overdressed. Brian did not hold back either as he laughed at the fact I dressed up to meet him. I felt from that moment this was going to be the coolest, most relaxed interview ever, and that didn’t take long for me to know this is where I am suppose to be.

This is my first experience working with an agency and not cooperation, and I’d have to admit this it the best decision I’ve made. Every since I’ve started here with the Elasticity team (and yes it’s a team) I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.  Everyone is close-knit and friendly; especially on #TankTopTuesdays!

If you’re still wondering if I found a place to have a career and not just another job, YES I did! Everyday I get to come to a place you’d probably call work, but I call it a gathering of free (extremely) eccentric minds! Thanks Elasticity for letting me join in!




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