CafePress Suggests Thoughtful Gifts for Mother's Day
Peter Panda

It’s no secret we love our clients and CafePress is one of the many who trust their marketing and public relations to us. We’ve worked with them on a Mother’s Day initiative this year focused on the concept of thoughtful gifting.

That work resulted in a series of infographics with thoughtful gift ideas, one of which you can see below. We thought we would share with you. After all, we all have mothers in our lives. Why not be thoughtful when getting them a gift for Mother’s Day?

But if you look close enough, the work is also an interesting approach. CafePress isn’t just saying, “here are 10 gifts you can by from us that are thoughtful.” Look closely and you’ll see that most of the gifts are items that are not from CafePress. The effort is really about being useful to people looking for unique or thoughtful gifts for their moms, wives, aunts, daughters and grandmothers this Mother’s Day.

CafePress scoured the web looking for truly thoughtful gifts. We think they did a pretty darn good job of it, too.

So, what is the most thoughtful gift you’ve given or received? What would your mother appreciate most in this list? And what could make an infographic like this better? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

The links to the various items are below the image. Enjoy, and whatever you do, make your Mother’s Day one of #thoughtfulgifting.

Courtesy of: CafePress

Find these thoughtful gifts at the links below:
1.     Favorite Artist Scarf by Cafepress

2.     Cookie Press and Pattern Disks by Oxo

3.     Custom Wood Coffee Table by David Stine

4.     Yoga Pose Garden Sculptures by Catherine Murphy and Uncommon Goods

5.     Family Photo on Art Canvas by Cafepress

6.     Her Favorite Pet Custom Eyeglass Case by Cafepress

7.     Soundwave Jewelry by Danielle Crampsie

8.     Video Greeting Card by Spreengs

9.     The Mother-Daughter Experience by Whitney Biggs and Uncommon Goods

10.   Custom Initial Tote Bag by Cafepress


Peter Panda

Pioneering social media panda bear Tagawa “Peter” Panda was born on a Chinese game reserve in 1969. He emigrated to the United States in 1987 speaking no English, with only the fur on his back and $97 stored in a Jansport fanny-pack wrapped around his waist.

In 2003 while searching for food on the campus of Washington University, he discovered a computer lab where he would ultimately teach himself web development, graphic design, and immerse himself into the growing digital media evolution that was erupting at the time.

With his trademark surly demeanor developed during beatings on his boat ride from China to the U.S., as well as having a penchant for eating vast quantities of bamboo, and enjoying Scotch and cigars, Peter is broadly recognized for coining the phrase “social media” in 2004. He joined Elasticity in late 2009 as the agency’s director of social media strategy and wildlife relations. Friend him on Facebook here.

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