Dirty Deeds Done Cheap (And For Charity!)
Y’all know I love a good for-profit meets non-profit win-win situation. And I just found a new one. Jenn Cloud is letting anyone hire her for $20 on one day only (today, December 20th!) to do your dirty deeds for you, here in St. Louis. Oh and half the proceeds are going to Tenth Life cat rescue. Brilliance!

She made a hilarious video, set up a quick but branded website, and almost has all the slots filled. I am personally having her help me deliver holiday gifts to neighbors tomorrow because let’s face it, traveling during the last week in the office = Emma is behind. I basically wanted to support this on principle because I think it’s a great idea, but I also legitimately had accepted that I would be giving stale treats as New Years’ gifts so this is great. It gives Tenth Life exposure and funds, it gives her (a freelancer) publicity, a tax write-off, built-in networking, and a really, really fun day (well, we’ll see). Until she reports that she had to remove an organ or something, I think there’s no downside to this project. Look for a follow up next week on how the experiment went!

Can you use this model for your charity or business? I could see lots of variations on this theme being very successful and my wheels are already turning.

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