Elasticity Introduces New Summer Saturday Policy

In a dramatic shift across the marketing communications and advertising industry, Elasticity today introduced what’s being hailed as a “stunningly generous” new Summer Saturdays initiative focused on reducing the typical work week.

Using the benchmark of the traditional industry standard of 13-hour days between Mondays and Saturdays, plus six-hour days on Sundays — Elasticity’s Summer Saturdays will permit the company’s full-time employees to take three hours off their typical 84-hour work week.

The move will not apply to part-time employees — even ones working the full 84-hour workweek — but for FTEs will reduce Elasticity’s typical workweek between July 15 and August 7 to just 81 hours and provide a flexible approach to the normally scheduled 7am – 8pm Saturday schedule.

“Employees can really enjoy their weekends now by either beginning work on Saturdays at 10am or ending the day at 5pm,” said Elasticity Partner Aaron Perlut. “There are limits, of course, but we’re pleased to offer these generous opportunities for our employees to enjoy three hours outdoors during daylight on Saturdays. It’s a true win-win.”

Perlut added that the company is looking at adding team-building exercises and opportunities during the new three-hour windows for employees seeking to continue to build deeper bonds with colleagues, clients and industry thought leaders.

Unsurprisingly, the move has thus far been hailed by Elasticians past and present.

“It’s about fucking time,” said the former Elasticity intern known as Intern Ken.

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