Elasticity is Hiring an Acount Manager
AJ Fontana | VP, Client Services

Alright stop, collaborate and listen…

Elasticity is seeking a detail-oriented marketing professional with strong account management skills with a passion for excellence.

The ideal candidate for the role of Account Manager should:

  1. have a minimum of 3-5 years of real-world experience working with and managing multiple clients / projects;
  2. strong understanding of digital marketing strategy and tactics;
  3. critical thinker with the ability to adapt and change direction in a moments notice;
  4. strong communication skills, both written and verbal;
  5. process oriented with the aim of creating efficiencies;
  6. strong organizational skills;
  7. know which super power they’d choose given the chance;
  8. team player (no, seriously) willing to lend a hand and do the dirty work when necessary.;
  9. embrace agency life, which extends beyond a 40-hour / 5-day / office-only work week. Bottom line, you need to be available to your team and clients whenever needed;
  10. understand the basics of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and how it applies to marketing efforts;
  11. detail oriented to the point where your message back regarding your interest in the position must state your favorite or least-liked Wu Tang song or you will not be considered and;
  12. will read this ENTIRE JOB SUMMARY and only apply if you actually meet the criteria.

About Elasticity

For more than a decade, we’ve continually found a better way — stretching the boundaries of digital marketing, driving engagement and acquiring new audiences for a broad range of brands and organizations like Mattress Firm, Spectrum/Charter Communications, Capital One, H&R Block, the State of Missouri, Fireball Whisky, Best Buy and more. We are analytical to the core — leveraging data to understand, identify and build audiences — creating authentic, breakthrough creative and harnessing digital media to build connections, brands, and loyalty that ultimately drives sales for our clients.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Operate within a culture of accountability and high performance.
  2. Serve as a team Account Manager and understand everything there is to know about your client, your client’s business objectives and their relationship with Elasticity.
    1. Specific client(s) will be assigned based on your experience and strengths.
  3. Assist team management in providing agency and clients with strategic guidance and long-term planning.
  4. Develop/manage client relationships at the daily point-of-contact level.
  5. Work with appropriate department heads to develop overall marketing. and content strategies that ensure execution is on brand and appropriate for channels.
  6. Support new business development opportunities.
  7. Foster integrated Agency partnerships.
  8. Perform all necessary administrative duties (Harvest, Trello, invoices, etc.).
  9. Execute other duties as assigned or needed.
  10. Website project management experience a plus, but not required.

Primary Interactions

  1. Internal interactions (as needed) to include communication with various discipline teams and vendor-partners. Likely on a daily basis using a number of different methods.
  2. External interactions (as needed) with the client and external vendors. Likely daily communication based on the preferred method of the external source (e.g. email, Slack, phone, etc.).

NOTE: During the pandemic, working from home is an option.

So if you meet the aforementioned criteria, are results driven, tired of the same old BS and believe in a tank-top optional workplace – let’s talk. Send us a DM on social media (@goelastic), a hand-written letter via carrier pigeon or email us at [email protected].

AJ Fontana

AJ may not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but assuming you don’t require Kryptonian jumping skills, he’s got you covered. He jumps into battle with you, completely immersing himself with a partnership mentality. That means sharing the good and the bad (we’d be lying if we claimed there was never any bad) because that’s what partners do.

AJ has over 20 years of marketing experience and a track record any hero would be proud of. He has worked with the likes of Amway, Anheuser-Busch, AT&T, Careerbuilder, Coca-Cola, Commerce Bank, Fireball Whisky, Magic House, PCS, the U.S. Army, USAA among many others. AJ’s a blockbuster guy who’s led countless high-profile marketing endeavors, but there’s no Hollywood flash in him. His reward is his client’s satisfaction.

In the interest of transparency, there are two things we have to mention, he’s still working on mastering x-ray vision and his flying is only so so. Still, he has no intention of kneeling before Zod.

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