Elasticity's New Web Site

The new Elasticity site ‘launched’, so to speak, on a quiet, albeit rainy afternoon in April. No big announcements, no party hats or bullhorns. Just a quick “it’s up!”, a few team high-fives and back to work with reruns of Walker, Texan Ranger playing softly in the background.

Some things haven’t changed – the new site still incorporates Elasticity’s core brand elements – our infamous mustached robot logomark, the use of bright orange, a wandering panda and a touch of nonsense. What’s different? The new site was constructed to simply better showcase what we do, specifically creative content. Frankly we were all a little sick and tired of trying to explain to our parents exactly what we do for a living – so in addition to finally getting approval from our parents, we’re hoping that clients (new and old) have a better understanding of our services, our staff and the vast body of work that this little agency has created over the past 4 years. Speaking of our work, users will ‘finally’ be able to see some of it – samples can be sorted by PR, Social, Search, Integrated, and Creative.

Most notably the new site features ‘ramblings’ (a.k.a feeds) – all written by the talented, and attractive team of creative hooligans and content folks at Elasticity. These ramblings can be accessed through the the site’s main navigation and range from topics like tech and sports to humor and industry insights. It may be too much to ask, but we’re hoping users find a moment to ‘read’ a bit, learn a thing or two and engage in these relevant conversations. Because at the end of the day, we’re a Creative agency, and our creativity needs to be pretty darn relevant in a world that is in continuous change. In other words, we stopped trying to be ‘cool’ in high school, we’re focused on being strategic and smart with our creative and keep pushing forward the big idea.

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