Facebook's New Brand Page Design

Updated March 21, 2014: You can now see a live version of the new Page design at https://www.facebook.com/marketing. Apps have not gone away, but are now featured in the More dropdown at the top and in a box in the left column. 

Facebook announced a new desktop design for brand Pages yesterday (March 10, 2014) on the heels of a NewsFeed redesign. This update puts a stronger focus on making “it easier for people to find the information they want and help Page admins find the tools they use most.” This new design has not appeared on any brand Pages at this time, but Facebook confirmed with Elasticity that the design will roll out in the next few weeks. Brands will have two weeks from when the new design is available on their Page to revise their assets before users see the new experience.

The new design prominently features two columns of information below a simplified header experience. All of a brand’s Timeline content is showcased reverse chronologically along the righthand side of the Page, while your business hours, About copy, website URL and similar details are features on the left side. In addition, the Page name and category will now appear in white text over the cover photo (potentially requiring new assets of brands).

Easily overlooked, the biggest change to the brand Page design is the absence of apps or tabs. While Facebook has not shared publicly whether apps/tabs are hiding in the More drop down, many are speculating that is the case.

Finally, the last change to the Page design is an always-present header for Page admins. This header gives admins visibility into their page Insights, current ad buy, settings and more.

What Does This Mean For Brands?

1. Strong Content Is (Even More) Important

With every post being featured to visitors, it’s more important than ever that every piece of content you share is meaningful. The ‘highlights’ view option will go away, making every post a ‘highlight.’ Before you click Post, consider: is this the best content I can be sharing? Do I have short, engaging text, a strong call to action and a meaningful visual? If not, you’re better off holding until you can revise.

In addition, with the potential absence (or at least minimized visibility) of apps and tabs, Timeline content is more important than ever. While users were already spending the majority of their time in the Newsfeed and not on your brand Page, the small percentage of users who do come to your Page won’t have immediate visibility into your apps.

2. Paid Is Required, Not an Option

If tabs and apps continue to live, a paid media spend will be required to drive users to them. Facebook has a lot of shareholders to answer to and it knows brands looking to drive deeper engagement with users will be willing to pay money for that engagement. We’ve driven strong results for our clients by leveraging a mix of all of Facebook’s advertising options and strategic targeting. We would be happy to discuss how you can best optimize your spend on the platform.

As always, let your Elasticity social media team know how we can help you!

New Facebook Page Design (March 10, 2014)


Old Facebook Page Design 

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 9.17.06 AM

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