Four Quick Tips To Enhance Your Twitter Experience

Now that you’ve learned the basics of Twitter engagement and getting followers let’s get turnt up (in other words let’s keep learning smiley)! These four steps will help you step up your Twitter game and potentially make you the next cool kid on the block. Take your time implementing these and come back often to review them.

A picture is worth 1,000 words

Adding images to your content makes it more interesting and gets you noticed. Now with the opportunity to embed videos and GIFs you can make your content even more entertaining to your audience.

What does  verified  mean?

Verified Accounts. This icon is found on the profiles of a lot of celebrities, brands and other important people. The icon helps people know that they have reached the person’s actual account and not an imposter or fan page run by someone else.


Make a list

The world of Twitter can seem overwhelming because of how quickly content comes streaming through. To stay on top of your favorite topics or people, create a list.

Follow these four steps to set up your first list:

  1. From the top Menu Bar, click on your icon to see a dropdown menu. Then select View Profile.
  2. Next, select LISTS from the submenu within your profile. (Any current lists will be shown first; scroll down to the section that says Create a list, and select that button.)
  3. Here’s the easy part! Choose a name, write a short description, decide if your list will be public or private, and voila!
  4. Lastly, you’ll search for usernames, a person’s first and last name, business or brands names and hashtags. When viewing the profile, you can click on Lists, select the list you’d like that profile to belong to and then click Subscribe.

Once you’ve set up your lists (and feel free to make as many as you want), use the next tip for an easy way to view them all at once.

Make it easy

Using platforms such as TweetDeck or Hootsuite can make viewing the Twittersphere easier. They allow you to see your mentions, DMs (direct messages), lists and more — all in one place. Check them out on your desktop and mobile device.

Editor’s Note: This is entry two in Ashton’s two-part series on Twitter engagement. See the first entry here.


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