Happy New Year! Our Predictions for 2012

Welcome to 2012! That means it’s time for Elasticity’s fearless predictions for the world of media and other issues in the coming year.

Take these to the bank:


  • Augmented Reality establishes itself as the new QR code – overhyped, under-adopted, misused technology.
  • Pintrest overtakes Myspace in traffic.
  • Mobile in-stream ads make their appearance on Twitter and Facebook, everyone throws a fit, but continue to use Twitter and Facebook.
  • Brand Pages become a cat-and-mouse game between Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ with each regularly stealing features from one another.
  • Online deal fatigue sets in as companies research possibility of online coupons that result in higher prices for consumers.
  • Consumer empowerment continues to reshape the supplier/consumer relationship.
    Netscape comes from behind to take down Internet Explorer.

Facebook & Social:

  • Facebook launches a competitor to Google+ Hangout via a town hall-like setting with celebrity or major corporate participation
  • Instead of Shotbooks, 21-year-olds use an app called PinLine, a mashup of their Pinterest boards and Facebook Timeline.
  • Facebook’s UI mutates into an homage to Gowalla. This move infuriates the masses but goes over extremely well with a “niche” group of users, most of whom also kill their own food.


  • Federal ban on mobile device use in cars accelerates the Internet of things via connections built into more everyday objects. The subsequent eco-space of connected devices explodes into previously unimagined opportunities for commerce, safety and convenience.
  • Voice-directed apps grow in popularity and cause people to bark directions to bypassers. Meanwhile, Siri becomes the most popular name given to newborns, pets and body parts.
  • Market share for the iPhone erodes as consumers thirst for something different in their devices. Android fails to capitalize, but with so many people using voice-directed apps, no one can tell what kind of phone they are using.


  • Bacon remains delicious.
  • In recognition of the growing protest movement, Congress changes the national symbol from an American Eagle to the Angry Bird.
  • A record number of celebrities launch virtual or gaming entertainment experiences including former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s guess-that-body-part game.


  • Local becomes the trend of the year with the big boys (Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and eBay) using technology to threaten the last bastion of advertising revenue that newspapers, radio and TV have clung to.
  • Political advertising takes over airwaves in the run-up to the November election. The result is a near shutdown of mainstream media as consumers seek to find ways to avoid being inundated with dopey political ads.
  • With TV shows being watched more online or with Internet-enabled TVs, programming becomes more like YouTube videos with clickable pop-ups, interactive gaming capability, merchandise call-outs, behind-the-scenes footage, etc.
    The Chicago Sun Times becomes a mobile game.
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