June 2020 Trending Topics
Kianna Hill | Social Media Care Representative

Cities are continuing to work towards flattening the COVID-19 curve and brands are still working to update their marketing tactics as we enter the summer. Here are some relevant topics that are anticipated to trend throughout the remainder of June 2020: 



Father’s Day 


June 21st (date changes yearly)


Father’s Day is annually celebrated to honor fatherhood, supportive bonds, and their multifaceted role in a family. Spouses and children generally search for gift ideas and get together to cook. 

However, canceled backyard events and ongoing store closures are modifying shopping behaviors. Normal traditions may be postponed, but a clever marketer can take advantage, even with social isolation guidelines. 

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First-Time Dads During COVID-19

Starting a family and welcoming a newborn is a once in a lifetime experience. Ambitious brands should seek open opportunities to market to first-time dads expecting their baby during COVID-19. The psychological, behavioral, and emotional state differs drastically from those not experiencing birth in a pandemic. In most cases, new parents are seeking resources, personal advice from their loved ones, and sentimental guidance. 

Quarantine Podcast Episode 

The growth rate of podcast shows and listeners increases yearly, but with social distancing involved, the numbers are soaring. Explore the possibility of remote recording an episode or featuring as a guest appearance on another podcast. Thinking about hosting your own? It might be best to make a niche episode that aligns with your industry and interests. This gives you a better chance to build your authority with an audience who trusts your knowledge and credibility. 



National Selfie Day


June 21st


The first-ever ‘selfie’ traces back to 1839. Robert Cornelius, an aspiring photographer and chemist from Philadelphia, set up a camera in his family’s chandelier store. He took a snapshot of himself by forward-facing the camera and running into the frame for a picture. It’s unclear who invented the word ‘selfie’, but its first public appearance was by Nathan Hope on an Australian internet forum in 2002. Although Hope explained that he didn’t coin the term and it was common slang that was used at the time to define a self-image. A decade later in 2014, the proclaimed holiday was started by DJ Nick McNeely at Fishbowl Radio Network. 

Interactive art installations, like The Selfie Room in Downtown St. Louis, are popping up in many metropolitan areas. COVID-19 restrictions are in place for public health and safety reasons, but businesses are adjusting. Some new protocols include booking online, taking reservations (no walk-ins), and having a max capacity of 10 people per space. 

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Create An Instagram AR Filter

Since releasing their augmented face filters in 2017, Instagram’s feature inspires users to take more photos. Their goal was to transform the average selfie into something enjoyable and engaging. If your mission is to increase brand awareness, it’s beneficial to integrate your logo into a custom AR filter. Once users share it with their followers or social feeds, it’s recognized by potential customers. 

A Selfie Challenge

The quarantine lockdown has signaled a surge of social media challenges, as people find fun ways to combat boredom. Sit down with your business partners to identify a trackable hashtag and publish a social media post with the specified rules. Depending on how creative you are, you may choose to pick a winner and offer a prize. 



Social Media Day


June 30th


This holiday launched in 2010 to acknowledge its importance on global communication and how humans can connect via social media. Six Degrees, the first social media site, was established in 1997 and gained one million users. It set the standard for a profile page, sending messages within your network, and forming a list of connections. This laid the foundation for other platforms like MySpace, Bebo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more web-based social networks.

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Pre-Social Media Video Ad

Not too long ago, a world existed before social media. Nostalgic right? Some of us were lucky to witness the transition, while a younger generation may not have. Pick a specific age group to show how life was before social media came about. Determine the length of your video ad and content by the social platform and target audience. For millennials, 15-30 seconds on Twitter can be better since attention spans are usually shorter. On the other hand, 30-60 seconds on Facebook may work best to help grandparents retain information. 

Publish A Social Media Guide

Social media marketing isn’t a one-size-fits-all since each platform has strengths and challenges. Organize a guide to identify key insights and algorithms for multiple social channels. For best results, release your social guide to the public at least a week before so readers can prepare ahead of time.  

As stay-at-home orders are lifted and businesses reopen, make sure to be current within the marketing landscape. Looking for information on Pride Month marketing practices this June? Head over here to see what we’ve written!

Kianna Hill

Kianna Hill is a Social Media Care Representative at Elasticity, demonstrating her knowledge of social media marketing and analytics. She was previously a marketing and digital content intern with: Anheuser Busch Employees’ Credit Union and ConstructReach.

Kianna is graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication concentrating in Advertising and Public Relations from Saint Louis University, and represented them at the National Student Advertising Competition.

Of course as a good ol’ St. Louisan, she loves the Cardinals, a pizza with chicken toppings from Imo’s, ordering to-go from The Best Steak House, and a St. Paul sandwich from any local Chinese restaurant. In her spare time, she enjoys brunch and mimosas on Sundays, hand-making natural beauty products, or kicking it with her loved ones.

Staying true to self, Kianna is driven to diversify her social and creative talents.

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