Paintin’ by Numbers: Stretching Creative Juices with Fireball Whisky
Ashton Beck | Director of Social Media

We all know the importance of social media (at least we think it matters). Social drives ROI — the data backs it up, if you understand how to execute. Unfortunately, many brands manage their social media in separate funnels from the rest of their marketing. We know what happens offline drives 90 percent of online conversations.

With some out of the box thinking and a creative genius (don’t tell Denny I called him that or he’ll get a big head, lol) it’s conceivable to execute a truly one-of-a-kind piece of art. Just watch this video:

How’d we go from social to painters?

As a Digital Agency of Record for some of the nation’s best known brands, we’re often asked to play only in our sandbox of social media, SEO etc. But we’d be doing our clients a disservice if we didn’t share our big ideas and talents, wouldn’t you think? We do.

So what did we do? We got outside the digital box and started thinking about unique ways to help build brand awareness and affinity that would drive on-premise (bar) sales (increasing ROI) for Fireball Whisky. Plus, we knew that this artwork (and post-video) would drive social conversation.

Where’d the idea come from?

We thought you’d never ask. This project originally started off small (literally), with our team recommending a time-lapse video of branded graffiti. We teamed up with the local Sales Brand Ambassador for Fireball, who connected us with a local bar and BAM! — the magic started to happen. The bar owner not only said yes, but told us they were open to a “Go BIG or go home!” approach.

So, what happened next?

We took the original concept and blew it up 1,000 times (as you can see). The bar owner loved it.

After two days of sweating, painting and filming, we finished a unique piece of sidewalk art (insert your applause here) that the bar owner, Sales Brand Ambassador, client and every passerby loved.  

What we learned

We learned that we’re pretty darn good painters! We’re not looking to become the next Picasso or Bob Ross, but that’s not really our calling anyway. Instead, we reminded our client and ourselves that content creation doesn’t always mean display ads and press releases (in fact, it rarely does). When considering your overall marketing strategy, no matter how digital your client is, you shouldn’t discount analog tactics.  Who knows, you just might wind up with a kick-a** art installation at a bar that sees thousands of consumers each week!

If your brand’s tired of being “normal” and wants to walk on the wildside…you know who to call (no it’s not the Ghostbusters, geez). Keep your eyes out though. Don’t want to step in wet paint.

Ashton Beck

With more than a decade of experience directing and implementing social media strategy for a variety of organizations, Ashton brings deep knowledge and strategic thinking to brands looking to effectively manage their digital relationships and reputation. He methodically works with our partners, taking them from social campaign development through execution, while evaluating each tactic in real-time and continuously working to evolve programatic effectiveness.

Leveraging his background in consumer relationship management in leading social strategy for a cross-section of large and small brands ranging from startups to global spirits brands, Ashton’s practical experience and Masters of Business Administration provide him with not only the perspective of the inner-workings of organizations, but the ability to understand consumer needs.

A believer in the work-hard, play-hard mantra, when not hanging out in the Twittersphere, Ashton enjoys volunteering at Sylvan Learning Centers, reading and being active outdoors.

Ashton’s MBA is from Webster University and he earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts and Communications from the University of Missouri- St. Louis.

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