Red e App publishes benchmark research on the hourly workforce

What do you know about your hourly workforce?

What do you think of when you hear, “hourly worker?” It’s okay, go ahead and get that person in your mind.

Do you picture a young, student-type, flipping burgers and absorbed in himself more so than doing good work? Do you think of a maintenance person at a building? How about a factory worker doing the same, repetitive thing over and over?

What about the hourly workers in your business? What do they look like? Do they fit your image of an hourly employee?

Now what if I told you that hourly workers can be characterized as loyal, interested in contributing more to their companies and generally well educated? Sound right? Well, it is.

Yesterday our client, Red e App, launched a project called Profile of the Hourly Worker. It is a massive research project, the first publication of which – an eBook focused on demographics, device usage and the disconnected nature of the hourly employee – is now available. There will be scads more intelligence coming from the report in weeks and months to come, but the first report is revealing.

In it, you learn:

  • 7% of the U.S. workforce is hourly
  • 84% of them own a smart phone
  • 63% of hourly workers have been with their current company more than two years and 10% have been with their current company more than 10
  • 81% of hourly workers want to be more involved with their company
  • 53% of hourly workers without company email say they have used personal email for work communication
  • And much more

Red e App, which produces a mobile app geared toward companies wishing to strengthen communication with the non-desk, hourly and disconnected workforce, commissioned the study with Edison Research, one of the most respected firms globally. The online survey of 1099 U.S. hourly workers was weighted to the U.S. population statistics.

The initial look at the hourly worker is fascinating. And rest assured, Red e App will be offering more and deeper insights on its blog and via additional reports and webinars in the coming weeks, so jump over to and subscribe to the blog.

But first download the first eBook in the research series Profile of the Hourly Worker and see what you learn.

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