Social Media Updates: June 2020
Eboni Valentine | Social Media Coordinator

In the aftermath of COVID-19, social media updates haven’t stopped. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have all undergone updates and incorporated new concepts within their platforms to keep up with the rapid changes in society. Let’s discuss what has changed. 


Email Marketing Through Facebook 

What is it?

Facebook is seeking to be the “all-in-one” platform for businesses. You will now be able to send mass emails to your customers, patients, contacts, etc from your business page. This is a great option for small businesses who do not normally push out email campaigns, or who are unfamiliar with how to construct one. 

Why does it matter? 

Almost every business has a Facebook Business Page (10 million small businesses have one) and about 6 million companies advertise on the platform, so this social channel wants to add an additional avenue for marketers and advertisers. This can be another marketing tool for companies to reach their audience. 

This can also impact the future of paid advertising on the platform. Once your business page has compiled a working list of customers’ email addresses, advertisers can use that information to create custom audiences. This adds another layer in reaching an already invested audience.


Facebook Presents A New App, CatchUp

What is it?

CatchUp is the latest app from the social networking platform. Facebook’s New Product Experimentation Team is still working on the app but seeks to make conversations easier. Social Media Today notes that CatchUp allows you to see if your friends or family are currently available to chat, giving it an advantage over Messenger.

Why does it matter?

Is it handy enough to download? We’ll let you decide, but this may be beneficial if your business wants to incorporate real-time messaging with consumers. Because 82% of consumers expect a brand to respond immediately when they have a marketing or sales question, this app could be a new way for you to provide quick and convenient service for your customers. 


Twitter Now Has A Chat Window

What is it?

Twitter is continuously adding new features to its desktop experience. Similar to Facebook, the social media channel now has a chat window for active messages. No more needing to switch back and forth from messages to your timeline, now they’re both accessible right in front of you. 

Why does it matter?

This small feature improves a user’s experience because the new addition makes tending to active DMs easier. As soon as a message comes in, you’ll be able to respond. This can be useful if your business operates your customer care page from the desktop platform. 


There can never be enough updates and improvements when it comes to leading platforms. Facebook will always look to be better than the next platform and Twitter is always working its way up. Enhancing user experience with social media updates will attract even more users and keep old users from straying away. Social networking has never been more important to our everyday lives, so it’s critical that these platforms continue to grow.

Eboni Valentine

Eboni Valentine is a Social Media Customer Care Representative, using her passion for social media marketing and content creation to develop a great online community experience for our clients. She was previously a marketing and social media intern working with clients such as: The St. Louis Symphony, TEDxGatewayArch, and COMPROSE INC.

Eboni has a bachelors degree in Mass Media from the University of Missouri-St. Louis, where she was very involved with campus life and joined the Zeta Rho city-wide chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated. Eboni was a videographer for the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference, produced content for the University of Missouri-St. Louis Diversity Department, and represented her university at the National Student Advertising Competition. Eboni also has certifications in Media Production, Advertising, and Google Adwords.

When she isn’t responding to customer’s feedback on social media, she can often be found in a hookah bar relaxing, or watching her beloved reality television shows. Other ways she uses her free time includes doing freelance videography and photography and Snapchatting her life’s moments.

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