Social News Update: Vidstagram Edition

Each week we publish a roundup of the top social news.


  • Facebook reported Friday that a bug in the system exposed six million email addresses and phone numbers.
  • An update to Page Insights will be the first since October 2011. Some of the changes include:
    • Breaking out the metrics that were previously reported as an aggregate as People Talking About This. Moving forward, Facebook will share details on content Likes, shares, clicks and more.
    • Sharing individual score cards for individual pieces of content.
    • Updating the information reported on People Engaged to show information about all people who engaged with your content, regardless of whether or not they Like your Page.
  • A new study from eMarketer showcased average performance and cost of various Facebook ad units. While industry benchmarks should always consider industry, audience, etc., this study gives marketers some benchmarks to consider.
  • Page admins can now view comments in chronological order, instead of only in the ‘Recent Activity’ option, which orders comments by interactions, recency and more. This change should help community managers respond to comments as appropriate.
  • Publishers can now highlight their pages and author profiles more prominently in shared links. By adding a few new tags to the HTML, the Open Graph will auto include a ‘follow’ or ‘like’ call to action at the bottom of the link preview.
  • Facebook is now boasting one million active advertisers.





  • Instagram Video is real, folks! Yes, Facebook’s product launch last Thursday was to unveil video on Instagram as rumored. Here’s the rundown:
    • Videos can be up to 15 seconds in length.
    • Videos will have 13 new filters, unique to video.
    • Both iOS and Android users received immediate access to video with an app update following the announcement.
    • Instagram videos will not autoloop like Vine, but will autoplay in the feed.
    • Instagrammers can easily edit out video clips before sharing and choose a cover image to appear in the feed.
    • Cinema, an image stabilization feature, was also announced.
    • For now, there is no way to upload video from your phone, only shoot video directly from the Instagram app.
  • Instagram is already boasting about the success of the product. The company claims 5 million videos were shared on Instagram in the first 24 hours.


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