Social News Update

Each week we publish a roundup of the top social news.

  • Twitter announced a new tweet format called Lead Generation Card that allows consumers to show interest in a brand offer or promotion by submitting their information via a simple form. The new format is currently in testing with a few select brands.
  • The Pew Research Center released findings from a study on teens and social media. A few key stats:
    • Ninety-four percent of teens who are social media users have a profile on Facebook — flat from the previous year.
    • Twenty-six percent of teen social media users are on Twitter. That’s more than double the figure in 2011 of 12 percent.
    • More than 60 percent of teens say their Twitter accounts are public, about 25 percent said their tweets were private and 12 percent didn’t know.
  • Pinterest announced product, recipe and movie pins will now share additional information to make the pins ‘more useful.’ The actual execution of this data requires your account to be website verified and for you to adjust your meta data.
  • Yahoo acquired Tumblr for $1.1 billion. While many users were already mourning the loss of their beloved platform, Yahoo promised to ‘not screw it up.’ Time will tell how the acquisition affects user numbers. (Remember: Facebook’s purchase of Instagram caused unrest with users but led to an increase in users on the platform.)
  • Twitter introduced two-factor authentication, allowing users to protect their accounts from hackers using an SMS-based system.
  • Yahoo is rumored to be placing bids for Hulu.
  • Google is planning to make now-defunct Google Buzz posts available. Posts will be pushed to users’ Google Drive accounts in both a private and public format. As former users are notified via email, expect more online outrage directed at Google.
  • FourSquare refined their search criteria to allow users to more easily find venues.
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