The scientific reason your content marketing must be consistent

You know why McDonald’s worked all those years? Because customers knew exactly what to expect no matter which restaurant they visit. A Big Mac tasted like a Big Mac regardless of where you bought it.

Marketing campaigns are no different. The more consistency you can deliver across consumer touchpoints, the more effective the campaign will be. Inconsistency clutters the path to conversion, confuses the customer and kills your effectiveness.

The same can be said of content marketing. Whether someone reads your blog, watches your videos, or follows you on Facebook or Twitter, the more consistency you deliver in style, usefulness, depth or entertainment value, the more the audience comes to expect it from you.

While this puts pressure on you to deliver at that level over and over again, it also works to condition the audience into thinking, and perhaps doing, what you want them to.

So the scientific approach to this is simple to understand:

  1. Develop audience-centric content.
  2. Ensure it has a style, utility, depth or entertainment they value.
  3. Deliver that type of content to them consistently.

When you do this, you ring the bell. And when the bell rings, eventually the dog salivates.

That’s science.

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