Tips for Writing the Most Kick-Ass Paid Search Marketing Ads Ever, Part 3

Thus far in our series, we’ve touched on how using both best practices and techniques from late copywriters can help you write the most kick ass paid search marketing ads, ever. Now for part three …

Know Your Competition: Capitalize On Their Success


The paid search marketing space is more competitive than ever. Depending on your industry, we’d bet at least a few of them are sophisticated in their campaigns, especially as it pertains to ad copy. Use this to your advantage by analyzing how they’re framing up their ads.

There are easy and more advanced ways of performing this analysis; you can either Google some keywords manually or leverage intelligent software like SEMrush.

Either way, take a few categorized keywords (like “tennis shoes” as a category) for your sample and note the domains ranking in top positions. Ask yourself:

  • How does the search query play into the headline and description?
  • What copywriting techniques are they using?
  • What combination of unique selling propositions and call-to-actions are they using?

Take the answers to those questions, and figure out what’s driving the success of those ads. Then, test variations of what you find in your own ad copy.

Google has stayed consistent with their thoughts on Quality Score (QS) throughout the years. One major factor influencing QS is ad relevancy and click-through rate. In other words, top ranking advertisers most likely have high QS rankings due to kick ass ad copy.

Kick ass ad copy won’t just get you a high QS, it will also make you stand out amongst your competition, allowing you to get the clicks that turn into leads that turn into sales.

So there you have it. Don’t be afraid to be basic, to learn from the masters of advertising history or to stand on the shoulders of your successful competitors. If you do those things, you’ll be turning clicks into sales like a pro.

Share your thoughts on writing kick ass ads in the comments below; otherwise, happy writing!

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