Top 5 Tips To Survive Working in Social Media Customer Service

Not everyone can hack it in customer service – especially when there is a social media element. In today’s age of technology, the gloves are off when it comes to how and what people will say about a product or service across social channels. From Facebook to Twitter to blogs and forums, people are now voicing their opinions, both good and bad, to anyone who will listen. Here is where the social media customer service superstars come in.

Although we wish everyone would leave positive feedback all the time, that isn’t reality.  Sometimes you find your brand or service under fire in a very public way. It’s not always the prettiest job, but someone needs to navigate and manage this feedback.  Take a deep breath and read on to find out how to keep a clear head when handling customer service in the social world.

1. Don’t take it personally: Remember that comments are not directed at you. People can say mean thing when they’re frustrated. It happens. I repeat – don’t take it personal!

2. Keep a calm head and think positive thoughts: I know this one is easier said than done, but it’s important. The more level  headed you remain, the better you’ll be able to address customers’ concerns.

3. Put yourself in the customer’s place: We are all consumers and want the products and services we use to work properly. Sure, that mother-of-three complaining about how the new toy she purchased from your client promptly broke one hour into a nine-hour car ride used way more profanity than necessary. That’s not nice. But try to walk a mile in her shoes! Those eight hours sans toy must have been really hard! Address her accordingly!

4. Work to deescalate the issue: Most people just want to know their issues or concerns are heard and are being addressed.  With every response, you can show your brand does care about its consumers and legitimately wants to help.

5. Take a Zen moment: This started as trick I used with my own kids to teach them to calm down and embrace silence, but it applies to social media customer service, too.  Don’t think you need to dust off your yoga mat to achieve a “Zen moment.” A Zen moment can be anything relaxing. For you, a Zen moment could be a walk around the block, a game of ping-pong or a quiet moment on a park bench. Taking time to enjoy a deep breath can do wonders.

The next time you sit down to review your company’s social pages, think back to this post and remember the people who write those comments are human, too.  Just take a deep breath and do your best. Remember all anyone wants is someone to listen.

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