Viva La Idea

Our company, Elasticity, recently bought itself back from our early investors and launched a new logo in celebration of the possibilities of the new company. Central to that logo is emblazoned the words: “Viva La Idea.” I wanted to briefly touch on why that is so important to us as a company.

It comes down to the core of what an agency is. There are a lot of cogs that make an agency work, and a lot of ways that agencies can become great. Most companies will say it is their people. You may also hear about processes, tools, client lists, and otherwise. But really, it comes down to ideas.

If you are in the industry, you’ve most likely been part of a few “brainstorms” in your day. These meetings are generally where ideas are created — and killed. And if they don’t die there (there are no bad ideas in a brainstorm), they have two more death traps to get past: the account manager and the client themselves.

All too often, account managers are to blame. They get too comfortable with what they believe the client wants, and… more likely, too comfortable with the money the account brings into the agency and they get complacent. They are afraid to present an edgy idea. Or they are afraid to stand up for an idea and really sell it into a client that may show hesitancy at first to a new idea.

We’ve always stood behind the fact that ideas are much more than what is being drummed out of most agencies today. We’ve always said that a list of tactics is not a strategy. Proposing tool checklists are not ideas. But we realize that the agency may not be completely at fault for not creating truly compelling ideas. We realize that there are a lot of young, talented, and creative folks that are not getting their ideas to the table.

We know that clients want to hear those ideas. We know that you can stand behind a good idea and not jeopardize your business, but rather, gain respect with your client. Even if they don’t buy that idea.

So for the creative talent that watches good ideas die every day, for the clients that miss out on truly ground breaking campaigns due to complacency, and for the ideas themselves, we’ve pledged to create, nurture, and not abandon great ideas.

Long live the great idea.

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