It seems that every communicator today wants to call themselves a social media expert. And that’s super. It’s important. Hell, Elasticity was digitally savvy before digitally savvy was savvy or digital. But we need someone who really understands the nuances of media relations and how it integrates with digital channels.

Also, before you apply for this job and tell us about your 15-20 years of deep, deep experience, understand what we are looking for and READ THIS ENTIRE POST. This is NOT a senior-level position so please do not apply if you do not roughly fit the criteria.

Now on to business: We’re seeking a Media Relations pro who has 1) pitched and landed NATIONAL news stories, 2) comprehends the importance of relationship building with media folk, 3) gets that not every story is gold — so someone who can turn chicken sh#t into chicken salad, 4) is a karate-centric dude or dudette who can nail the national story when the client needs it to happen, and 5) fits into the Elasticity culture and thus is not a jerkoff.

Since the inception of Elasticity in January 2009, we’ve been fortunate to work with leading brands across a range of industries — from Capital One to SunEdison to Charter Communications, H&R Block and LockerDome — a nice crop of big companies and well-funded startups usually reserved for agencies much larger than our boutique. We’re doing OK for a little agency from flyover country, but that’s because we hire smart talent.

So if you’re passionate about digital marketing and PR, keep up with social media technology trends, are uber-results driven and tired of the same old BS – let’s talk. Yes, we do things a bit differently here at Elasticity. We’re tank-top optional so the job description is going to be beyond the typical.

Above all, we’re seeking enthusiasm, knowledge, and self-reliance.  Send us a message via Facebook/Twitter, smoke signals or RobotOverlord@GoElastic.com.


  • Track record of placing national media stories (not that we don’t love you, but if you do not, please do not apply).
  • Experience building relationships with national media and the ability to bring home national news stories on behalf of clients in varied industries.
  • Curiosity to dig deep into a story and opportunity to unearth the road less traveled.
  • Strong writing acumen is essential.
  • Passion for all things social media including engaging and fostering relationships through content. Must have a drive to stay current on the latest social media technologies and innovations.
  • Good hair.
  • A team player who’s willing to lend a hand when one is needed.


  • 4-5 years of PR experience.
  • Ability to work well in a team (even ours).
  • Detail oriented to the point where your cover letter must state your favorite Justin Bieber song or you will not be considered.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Non-douchy.
  • Ability to be flexible and precise under aggressive deadlines.
  • Above average experience operating a Hungry Hungry Hippo game.
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