We're Lookin: Creative Client Leader

Take me to your leader!

Elasticity is seeking a talented, highly disciplined, and creative Client Leader.  Our agency focuses on creating smart, strategic, and sometimes shocking campaigns for a list of clients as diverse as the hairstyles in an episode of “The Brady Bunch.”  Interested? Well here’s, what we need:


Ok, so we have a ‘job’ available – but let’s face it – this is kind of about you. If we have to tell you exactly what the job will entail each day or what you’ll be doing, we clearly would have omitted the words ‘creative’ and ‘thinker’ from the albeit brief, but direct job description. You should have personal goals, standards, ethics, brilliant ideas. We won’t be here to pat you on the back for every job well done, because if you nailed it, you’ll know and you’ll pat yourself on the back and have the balls to challenge the rest of the team to one up themselves the next time around. It’s not about ego, it’s about diligently and consistently creating a body of work that you can take pride in, personally, not just for your boss, fame or accolades. If at the end of a ‘good’ day, you continue to challenge yourself, you’re welcome here at Elasticity.


We don’t need someone to keep a checklist for us.  We have an app for that on our phones.  We need someone to MANAGE projects and LEAD clients.  That means to strategically guide them, pay attention, have the fortitude to say NO, whether that’s to the client or the team or the partners.  But you better have a smart backup plan and reasoning for why and deftly keep the team moving forward.  Get your head out of the details every now and then and make sure the project is on track from the big picture.  Oh, and did we mention bedside manner?  You don’t have to be Patch Adams, but we take pride in delighting our clients and you are on the front line.  Entertain, dazzle and delight.  Keep ’em coming back for more.

TECHNICAL SKILLS  (overstating the obvious here)

• Communication, Organization, Strategic Thinking
• Knowledgeable in digital development projects and best practices
• Client management experience
• Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and meet tight deadlines
• Work well as individual or as part of a team
• Detail oriented (seriously… this is not just some jargon we picked up from the Internet)


Please don’t send us a resume and a letter that says “dear hiring manager.”  We don’t read those.  Reach out to the Robot Overlord (robotoverlord@goelastic.com) and show some creativity.  S/He (robot gender is so hard to determine these days) will look for relevant experience and creativity.  We’d also like an example where as a project and/or client lead you had to go against the grain, yet keep everyone on the team aligned and the client happy with the result.  With that… we look forward to meeting you.

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