Zach Kasperski: #WhyIJoinedElasticity


More and more, people are buying products and services based upon the reviews they read online, the research they do on search engines, and the conversations they hear on review and social sites. All of these things have changed the way marketers are getting in front of their customers, adapting with advances in new media and technology.

When I looked at Elasticity as I was searching for a new home, I thought the agency understood these changes and knew how to apply them to marketing programs that move the needle. Specifically, it was the Triangulation approach and culture that drew me to the orange robot. It’s the combination of our people and how I’ve come to see we go about PR, social media, and search marketing programs that achieve success.

Search Marketing Mavens

Consumers are turning to search engines to find the products and services they need and want. At Elasticity, I’m developing search marketing campaigns along with partner Andy Barnett, a seasoned search marketer with more than a decade of digital marketing experience. Andy’s experience furthered my interest in joining Elasticity as he’s a search marketing maven that knows what works.

So how do the parts of Triangulation impact search marketing strategies? The old days of search are gone. You can no longer tweak meta titles, participate in lucrative link schemes, or use cloaking to boost search engine rankings. Instead, you must take new ranking factors into consideration when building search campaigns.

According to Search Metrics’ 2013 search engine ranking factors, social signals, link data, and content weigh heavily in determining where to rank websites. This is where Triangulation makes for endless opportunities, from content marketing using PR, to influencer activation using social media, and more. The toolbox is full; we know how to use the tools with an integrated approach.

We Are Culturally Sound

The culture of Elasticity is another major reason why I joined. From my experience, stuffy workplaces aren’t great ones for creative collaboration and smiling faces. I don’t want to “go to work.” I want to go to a place where I enjoy building my career while being around people who want to do the same.

Our three partners have been around the block. They’ve worked everywhere from the corporate world to marketing agencies large and small. They don’t question what you wear or what kind of karate moves you know; they focus on the mission, attitude, and atmosphere of collaboration.

We bring our dogs to work, dress up in hazmat suits, and study mustache trivia. Why? I could come up with some logical reasoning for the madness, but it’s much simpler to say that it helps with our creative outlook. Different is good. We get paid to break through the clutter and create new ideas, not write annuities or build hydrogen fuel cells.

Looking Ahead

I’m excited for Elasticity’s future. We have a lot of great talent here, and we know how to have fun doing what we love. If you want to learn more about our culture or process, I encourage you to give us a ring. We enjoy nothing more than seeing new faces and hearing about what your brand seeks to achieve with PR, social, and search marketing.

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