Data + Analytics
Analytics Is a Creative Force

Analytics isn’t about calculations and pie charts (although we wouldn’t turn down a pie if it were offered). It requires the creativity to recognize opportunities and the experience to understand stories that are hidden beneath heaps of data. Elasticity has the deep industry knowledge, technical know-how and creative experience to turn everyday information into useful and actionable insights that can influence your decision-making.

Data + Analytics
Let's Get Smarter Together

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Data + Analytics
Turning Data into Insights and Action

From identifying social media influencers to conversion optimization and paid media performance, our analytics team translates large volumes of data into insights that guide decisions, optimize marketing programs and deliver higher ROI. We scoff at most agencies’ reporting. Our team creates customized reporting that helps our clients analyze their business, often through interactive, near real-time online dashboards that are available 24/7.

Data + Analytics
Illuminating the Path Forward

At Elasticity, we use data and analytics at every turn to drive strategy and decision making, clarifying the path forward. We believe that it’s not enough to answer the question, “What happened?” It’s more important to understand, “What will happen?” That’s where our long-persecuted nerds come in. Using first- and third-party data, a deep understanding of statistics, access to a range of cloud-based AI and machine learning tools, and some form of dark magic, we help to take the guesswork out of critical design and marketing decisions.