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Digital Audits

Science, Meet Marketing

You’re already working to improve your digital marketing efforts. Now get the insights and expertise you need to take them to the next level, with a customized digital marketing audit from Elasticity.

Our team delivers strategic insights about the competitive landscape, your current situation, and influencers and opportunities that you need to know. We’ve worked hard to avoid the voodoo metrics that so often accompany digital audits. In fact, we enlisted a Northwestern University team to refine and validate our methodology, establishing a quantitatively valid approach.

Typical elements of our digital audit include:

  • Conversion analysis: auditing your website and other marketing vehicles, taking into consideration conversion optimization best practices
  • Search marketing assessment: auditing your current visibility, messaging and reputation in the major search engines
  • Analytics and measurement audit: reviewing your website and other assets to ensure that you’ve deployed your analytics solution correctly and are measuring the metrics that are tied to your ultimate business success
  • Social media assessment: using more than 20 data points, both quantitative and heuristic, to score your social media presence, taking into account reach, affinity, engagement and audience actions
  • Media and reputation analysis: using sophisticated online tools to examine your presence in major online media outlets, examining the sentiment of the mentions and comparing them to your competition