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Communicate Your Value Proposition

Throughout the last 10 years, financial media has taken center stage, as retirement, public policy and international concerns have been aligned with the success of business. We have deep relationships with media representatives who act as gatekeepers in this space. We understand the issues of compliance and regulation that determine what you say and when you can say it. We guide you through this minefield to deliver your brand to the audience that matters to you.

Our collective experience covers virtually every facet of financial communications and investor relations, including mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcies and restructurings, litigation support, and more.

Building Shareholder Value

Going public brings big rewards, as well as big headaches. You are now concerned not only with the customers who buy your products and turning a profit, but with investors who want information about your every move. With a combined 20 years of experience working with public companies, Elasticity’s investor relations team can ease that burden, working with investors and the media that serves them to protect you and enhance your brand in innovative ways.