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Crisis Management

Hope for the Best. Prepare for the Worst.

The true test of an organization’s mettle is in its response when things go wrong. From infamous wardrobe malfunctions to executive indiscretions, it pays to be prepared. Elasticity helps organizations prepare for potential problems, creating a structured, proactive plan and an established protocol.

Integrating Digital and Traditional

Although reputation management is always important, it’s even more important during a crisis, when all eyes are on the accused. Elasticity works to manage reputations of organizations on myriad fronts, including mainstream media, search engines and social media.

Articulating Your Response

Organizations tend to make the most mistakes in the heat of a crisis. Typically, executives and employees are panicked, and are ill-prepared to respond to the media in a fast and effective manner. We educate your team on best practices in responding to a crisis. Our training not only prevents further damage, it can turn the negative situation into a positive act for the organization.

Preparing Before the Crisis Starts

Being prepared for a crisis can alleviate a lot of stress and can give an organization the opportunity to be proactive in its actions. Although it’s impossible to foresee every potential crisis, we can develop a comprehensive and detailed plan specific to your organization’s needs.

Rapid Response

Once a crisis hits, our team is ready to assist your organization in managing its media relations and communication efforts. We work to leverage our relationships with the media, as well as our skills in search and social media, to manage your organization’s reputation and effectively communicate with the public. Our team is experienced in being on call 24/7 to respond to any situation or opportunity that arises.

Capturing Key Lessons

Even after a crisis settles, there’s still work to be done. The media and public won’t only be discussing how your organization handled the crisis, they’ll be looking for your organization’s next steps. Our team of specialists can develop a multifaceted plan that will capture your audience and promote your organization in a positive light.