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Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM)

The New Battlefield for Reputations

Increasingly, search engines are the de facto way that Internet users navigate the digital world. With billions of searches each day, Google has quickly become the new battlefield for your reputation.

The Price of Neglect

If prospects or customers encounter a negative result—a long-forgotten hostile media story, a comment from a disgruntled former employee, a nasty blog posting planted by a rival, or that racy photo you knew you shouldn’t have shared on Instagram, for instance—your reputation is damaged, and there’s a good chance that your bottom line is as well.

Seizing Control

Over the past decade, Elasticity built a proven approach to seizing control of search results for brands, bringing a potent combination of search engine optimization, copywriting and reputation management skills to bear for clients.

In most cases, our goal is simple: displace the negative search. In other cases, we’re asked to reshape the first page of results, taking the brand from good to great by promoting existing third-party endorsements to accelerate the conversion process.