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Mobile Search

Small Screen. Big Opportunity.

We’ve reached a tipping point. The Internet revolution brought information online; the mobile Internet revolution makes information accessible immediately anywhere. As of 2013, more than half of Americans own smartphones. As adoption grows, so does the use of the mobile web. More than 50 percent of new Internet connections already come from mobile devices. Mobile searches have increased 400 percent since 2011.

The bottom line: Mobile is big, and it’s going to change your business. Ready or not, the mobile Internet revolution is here.

Technical Prowess Meets Traditional Search

With the dramatic rise in searches, mobile-specific search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) strategies are more important than ever. Elasticity combines expertise in traditional searching with the ever-evolving mobile search algorithm to help clients achieve greater organic visibility on mobile platforms.

But let’s not forget the second aspect of the equation. Our search team can effectively extend paid search campaigns to mobile, delivering your message to prospective customers in real time.

That’s a mouthful, but it’s important. Mobile is, well, on the move. Want to move with it? Contact us today.

Mobile-Friendly Website Development

A mobile-specific website is one designed specifically for a smartphone. It prioritizes what’s important to a user on the go in a way that’s interactive and easy to see. Increasingly, it’s imperative for marketers wanting to take advantage of the mobile Internet revolution.

In the past, creating a mobile website would necessitate creating two separate sites: a desktop version and a mobile version. This approach is flawed—it doesn’t take into account the myriad screen sizes and resolutions that have emerged and will continue to emerge.

Elasticity uses responsive web design to build mobile-friendly websites. This enables users to access the website in the formats that are most appropriate for their devices—from desktop to netbook to tablet to smartphone. The same site is used, but it is dynamically changed to best fit the browser.