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Building a Community

Building your social community, if done right, is no easy task—just ask Ashton Kutcher. It takes time, strategy and creativity—and in Ashton’s case, a hot bod—to build a valuable following. At Elasticity, we’re pretty darn good at this. We don’t buy followers or Likes; we earn them. We provide value for each client’s core audience, and ensure that the client’s social community is one worth joining.

You Have a Following—Now What?

Many clients come to us with a decent following and ask us, “Now what?” “How should we respond to a ticked-off customer?” “How do we turn Likes into dollars?” “How do we get followers to see our puppy picture?” This is all part of community management.

First, we outline your goals. What’s the purpose of your Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest presence? Is it customer service? Brand awareness? Sales? Good golly, you may not even know. We help identify your purpose and business objectives, then we develop a plan, which we adapt over and over as we learn from your following.

Many people think that throwing up a post willy-nilly will cut it, but nine times out of 10—our best guess—those people aren’t leveraging their social networks to their fullest potentials.