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The New Math of Influencers

What you say about your brand is important, but what others say about your brand is crucial. Getting influencers to talk about your brand in the online space of social media, public relations and searches is essential. This is how buzz and online virility are created; this is where Elasticity excels.

It’s a Big Blogosphere Out There—Find Out Who Matters

Think traditional media is the gatekeeper to your audience? Think again. In an era of unprecedented media fragmentation, a new set of influencers has emerged, blurring the lines between traditional media and new media. The truth is, there’s really only one type of media with which you should be connecting—influencers. That’s where the Elasticity insights team comes in.

Identify and Prioritize Influential Online Media

In the labyrinth of online media, identifying the most effective outlet is a challenge. High traffic from one media outlet doesn’t necessarily mean more business for you. Counting eyeballs isn’t understanding how influential a site is among your audience. Elasticity takes this into account, using a model of influence ranking that uses quantitative and heuristic variables to better estimate the impact of an individual media outlet.

Fostering Relationships, Not Pitches

We don’t cast a wide net and see who bites. We don’t ask interns to send blanket emails to bloggers and journalists on auto-repeat. Instead, we strategize, analyze and target.

Our team pulls in creativity to develop a plan for outreach. We go beyond the obvious and think of how we can create value for niche influencers. Then, we use a proprietary tool that crunches numbers and determines the most authoritative influencers in their respective spaces. This saves the client time and money, and offers the most qualified results.

We are then able to target your messaging and develop mutually beneficial relationships with these influencers. By creating value for them, they are more likely to share that value with their followers and audiences.

Because social media is so vast, it’s easy to waste a whole lot of money while lost in the maze, especially when you’re not focused. Our analysis and reporting allow us to spend the money smarter and more efficiently. What you get from us is more accurate and less random than what you would get from a tool.

Backed by a Proven Methodology

Over the past five years, we’ve dramatically evolved the data and algorithms that power the influence assessment, while striving to deliver a more insightful, accurate analysis.