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Social Media Customer Service

Customer Care in a Social World

Simply offering a storefront and a number to call just won’t cut it anymore. Your customers are online, and whether you like it or not, they’re talking about your brand. Leaving this space unattended isn’t an option anymore.

Build Customer Loyalty

Elasticity helps manage the ever-important engagements in social media that can have a long-lasting impact on a company’s reputation. Our social media customer service program provides three levels of support—direct support, response and referral, and consultation and training—or we can help you build your team and train your players to tackle the social frontier.

Solutions to Fit Your Needs

  • Direct support: Elasticity’s professionals function as members of the client’s customer service team, adopting billing system and troubleshooting tools to manage social engagements, as well as providing online brand trends tracking.
  • Response and referral: Elasticity provides online tracking of brand trends, provides active responses to customers’ postings about a client’s brand, and refers matters requiring assistance to a team within the company that can provide a quick resolution.
  • Consultation and training: Our social media management consultation and training team assists companies in developing online response techniques, establishing appropriate searches, building tracking tools, and developing reports that demonstrate the value of online social media team efforts.