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Sheila Mikles: #WhyIJoinedElasticity

We all have a “wish list” when we’re on the job search.  In my case, I was looking for something that fit within my salary range, was challenging, fun, creative, empowered its employees, and offered flexibility.

When I discovered Elasticity, I was impressed with their case studies and capabilities.  The project list spanned from everything to meaningful global impacts like the Eradication of Darkness program in India to the engaging and fun ‘Stache Act campaign (which by the way won the Wow! Award during the 2012 PR News Platinum Awards).

It’s hard to find a place that produces great work, has amazing talent, and fun people but Elasticity checks all these boxes.

The People Principles are legit.  When I read this and met the team, I was sold-I wanted to be part of this culture.

Fast forward a year later and I’m glad I joined this Motley Crue (of course I had to fit them in somewhere).

One of my favorite accounts is Rally Saint Louis, a project that is helping market St. Louis in a more positive light. This has given me media experience, is helping to shape perceptions of St. Louis, and has introduced me to a variety of great St. Louisans that share our vision.  We’ll soon have winning projects launching and I can’t wait to see the affect this will have in our community.

We work hard and we play hard.  At Elasticity, we Prancercise, burst into songs, watch Walker Texas Ranger, love the Muppets, have theme days at work (e.g. Tank Top Tuesday, Fancy Friday), do Mustache Trivia every day at 4:30p, wear matching “Forever Lazys”, and will find any excuse to wear a costume.

Some of best ideas have come from being completely silly.

We go above and beyond for our clients and each other.  It’s a great balance to have in any work environment.   It’s reason #112 of why I joined Elasticity.

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