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Social News Update

Each week we publish a roundup of the top social news.

  • Facebook launched “Action Spec,” a new ad targeting type that allows users to target ads based on recency of actions taken. For example, a local business could target users who have recently checked in to their store. Advertisers can target users who have performed the action within the last 14 days. Action Spec is currently only available to Preferred Marketing Developers with the Ads API.
  • Taking a page from Twitter’s functionality, Facebook launched verified Pages and profiles. The mark appears as a checkmark next to the brand or personality name to indicate it is the official Page. Currently, the verification is being rolled out to a selection of celebrities, high profile journalists and brands. At this time, there is not a process for becoming verified.
  • The S.E.C. has fined NASDAQ $10 million for the mishandling of Facebook’s IPO.
  • Twitter updated their Android and iOS apps to improve the photo uploading process and to make it easier for users to switch between accounts. A smaller update included in the release is the option to more easily remove location from individual tweets from the tweet screen.
  • Twitter power users are atwitter with news of expanded list capabilities – now allowing users to create up to 1,000 lists with as many as 5,000 users per list.
  • Twitter finally released Vine for Android users. Vine currently boasts 13 million registered users, who collectively post about 5 videos per second. Those numbers should expand rapidly with the platform now opening to Android.
  • LinkedIn rolled out two-factor authentication to minimize account hacking.
  • Tumblr is rolling out sponsored posts in users’ content feeds.
  • New app Stilly allows users to create short GIFs to be shared on Tumblr, SMS or iMessage.
  • And obviously the biggest news of the week, Grumpy Cat landed a movie deal.

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