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Some crack predictions for 2011

Some strategic guesses at trends we will be talking about a year from now:

  • Search: Companies will find that their search results will be increasingly influenced by users’ social network interactions, making the effective use of social media portals even more important for branding, customer service and connecting to customers online.
  • Mobile: Social media through the mobile web will grow in importance and influence as the open-source Android operating system eclipses the iPhone and becomes the dominant mobile phone platform.
  • Hardware: Tablet computers will outsell laptops and desktops.
  • Web: Web apps will become the dominant means companies will use to connect with consumers as the Internet becomes more cluttered and slow.
  • Search: The broader PR industry will recognize the vital importance of search as a tool to support the spreading of brand awareness and message distribution in both traditional media, the blogosphere, and social media vehicles.
  • Social media: A backlash will build against the proliferation of social media sites. Sites that enable mobile, social and rich media aimed at specific niches will emerge as the most useful and popular.
  • Web: The final death of microsites as a means of reaching consumers.
  • Media: 4G and tablet computing will finally push print off the ledge and begin a process that will further reconfigure how people get information.
  • Media: Try as media might to create a need for them, not enough people will get excited enough by exotic TVs like 3D TV to buy one.
  • Web: The term Web 2.0 will be taken out, shot in the backyard and buried next to the hot tub. No one will miss it.

Now, what are your predictions for the year?

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