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Super Bowl Offers Diversity Test By Fire

Perhaps the most American of holidays has now come and gone – the Super Bowl. And regardless of whether we like football, we always have the television commercials – especially for those of us with a passion for advertising.

Although we had seen most of the commercials during the weeks prior, there is still pleasure in seeing them live – it’s the cherry on the cake – even more so if any of your clients participate with a commercial.

For many years I worked closely with AFM (Avocados From Mexico) as a creative director and I had the opportunity to prepare and participate in the #AvoSecrets digital campaign — extending the reach of the television commercial which aired during the game.

A Mexican brand that truly understands U.S. diversity, AFM was careful to pay attention to reach beyond the 100-plus million viewers of the game, focusing heavily in social media, which of course is easier said than done as the brand spent the evening competing for share of voice with giants like Budweiser, Bud Light, GoDaddy, Mr. Clean, Audi, Snickers and more.

Doing this requires a plan that is integrated and focuses on the diversity of channel and audience. Consider that:

  1. The brand must be willing to be different, assume risk, be bold and never forget your roots.
  2. Work with multicultural agency partners that understand the broader spectrum. Of course you must create a great TV commercial capable of dominating the biggest marketing event on the American calendar, but then have partners who can extend the reach beyond the big screen.
  3. Thus you must understand how the TV ads integrate with a savvy digital campaign, earned media (PR) and across all platforms.
  4. Once game day comes, have a smart execution plan across channels – from interacting with consumers to creating unique content to being able to have a conversation with other brands and creating more movement during the event.
  5. Be ready to change – quickly! We are in a period where change is fast, furious and like never before. Thus, we must be versatile.


Effective strategists who understand the multicultural consumer all typically come with a a similar pedigree – we live it each day, can grasp the nuances of peoples from Mexico, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Spain the U.S. and more. You must know who they are and how to connect with that multicultural consumer who seeks to engage with the brand, have fun and participate with it, talk about it, create content that carries the conversation further.

Super Bowl 2017 was just the test by fire as well as proof of the versatility of the multicultural market, but it is time for all brands to understand this diversity, to understand today’s market is multicultural and the multitude of options to connect and engage.

Clearly, AFM understood this – and well done the brand! I’m sure next year many will follow their example.

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