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Technology, Politics and Journalism

Just after his inauguration Jan. 20, 1981, President Ronald Reagan announced the release of U.S. hostages from Iran. Americans learned of the news as the three major television broadcast networks, radio and newspapers covered it that evening and into the next day. But imagine how that information would spread across today’s information landscape: President Trump breaking the news on Twitter, Politico is the first to publish online, millions of personal narrative posts and news links spread across Facebook and more.

Recently I hosted a panel at the Venture Cafe featuring Marty Kady, Politico’s managing editor for policy coverage, and Cort VanOstran, Democratic candidate for Congress, for a unique conversation about the impact of technology on politics, journalism and brand building. We examined the evolution, speed and compression of news coverage, the impact it is having on journalism, the influence on American opinions of politics, and the implications for all aspects of business – from small and local to global enterprises.

*Editorial note: Please forgive the video quality as it was downloaded from Instagram, and yes, I really am that fat.


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