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The Lids of Elasticity

We’re a relatively casual outfit. If we have client meetings, that’s one story, but it does not require a suit and tie to effectively manage a reputation management program, orchestrate a Facebook community or create an infographic. Hence, to hell with formality. As such, a number of our team members dig the lids or hats or whatever terminology you prefer. And when they do, they wear the same hats for like 13 days at a time. Hence — although I do this without the implied nor expressed consent of Elasticity’s Director of Dress Code Enforcement, Rachael Powell, I nonetheless present the Lids of Elasticity.

Chief hat-wearer Denny.


EK is sorta totes adorbs, and she can drive a nail with a hammer like nobody’s business.


Zach just keeps it real. He’s so real.


Nick’s brim is so flat, much like his abs.


Jamie in hipster gear.

Jamie in her hipster garb
Seriously. We wore these hats for an entire winter. For real.


Random children found in alleyway behind office. But they had hats on – so relevant. 

2008 Mardi Gras 042

(Easter Egg) Go Cubs!


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