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Twitter as the DVR killer

Forget about Egypt, it has taken Howard Stern to move Twitter up a notch in the cultural conversation. He just started Tweeting, a move that has brought in a whole new group of readers to the microblog service. But, wait, there’s another aspect to this: live blogging during a TV show can enhance the viewer experience. So, when Howard tweets during the show or a commercial, it can give you another perspective on what you’re watching and make it less likely you will want to time-shift it.

The Man Himself

The Man Himself

You can check out the other apps that are mining this concept. There’s Miso, IntoNow, Tunerfish, Yap.TV, Philo and GetGlue that are successfully marrying these two concepts.

But, let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like Howard Stern giving you the play-by-play of his show that brings this concept to life. And, obviously, this doesn’t work as well when it’s recorded TV, but, there seems to be less and less of that on network TV anyway. How long before Alex Trebek started microblogging about what he really thinks about the contestants on his show?

Just peeling the onion that is microblogging.

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