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Twitter Transforming Farming, Commodities Trading

Twitter continues to change our world. Sure, Charlie Sheen is using it to deliver messages direct to fans in his court of public opinion case vs. CBS and Warner Bros.; and Howard Stern has recently discovered Twitter and is using it to interview celebrities.

But did you know that farmers — yes, farmers — are finding Twitter to be an effective tool? Indeed, we work with a number of agriculture-based clients such seed-maker Monsanto, crop-and-commodities predictor Lanworth, Intervet Schering-Plough, and SFP to name a few.

Its given us fascinating insight into how farmers use social media tools and the impact those tools can have on their business.

Farmers have long-been reliant on mobile tools, and as social media drifts more commonly to mobile-based platforms, they are delving into text and Twitter to communicate with other farmers about things like crop and weather conditions.

Now, let’s keep things in perspective. Thus far only 2 percent of farmers are using Twitter according to The National Association of Farm Board. But don’t forget, only 8 percent of all Americans overall use it, so don’t let the low percentage fool you — it’s meaningful.

But as CNBC’s Kate Kelly is reporting, commodities brokers and traders are paying close attention to those farmers who are using Twitter because it can have a bottom line impact on the markets.

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