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What’s Your Digital Value Proposition

There’s a good chance that, if you’ve been with your company for any amount of time, you can recite its value proposition. It’s the core reason people would choose to do business with you.  Walmart’s is, “Everyday low prices.” Square’s is, “Accept credit cards anywhere.” TOMS Shoes’ is, “With every pair of shoes you purchase, TOMS will give a new pair of shoes to a child in need.”

The most successful businesses know their value proposition, and it emerges in everything they communicate.

But when you’re developing the virtual or online version of your brand, you need to think of a second value proposition. What is the core reason people would choose to visit your website or give you their contact information?

For those of us who do not sell a product online, the retail sale isn’t the goal of digital marketing. The goal can be to get the person to visit a store, request more information, talk to a salesperson or just surrender some contact information so the company can market to them more individually. Those actions may lead to the ultimate company value proposition, but if you don’t apply a digital value proposition statement here, they may never reach that point.

Let’s say you’re a car dealer. Why would people come to your website? To see what kind of selection you have, perhaps. Why would they give you their name and phone number? Because you’ve got an exclusive deal for them, or perhaps they’ve reached a point where they need to ask questions about financing.

When you create a website experience, or even an ongoing content experience via email or social media, you should think through your digital value proposition. Why would someone interact with me? Why would they give me their contact information? What can I offer of value to make that worth their time?

Employing a digital value proposition to your online assets and efforts can go a long way in helping you turn your digital business into one that converts.

So, what’s your website’s digital value proposition? Share it in the comments.

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