Our Culture

With two bars, tank top Tuesdays, copious amounts of orange, and panda suits, it’s hard to put Elasticity’s culture into writing. But if you must know, our culture is based on creating an environment in which collaboration, satisfaction, laughter, and opportunities thrive — and we’ve been kickin’ ass at it for over a decade.

Culture. It matters–and it’s paramount to business success. Good, bad or somewhere in between, every workplace and organization has some semblance of a culture whether purposeful or not. Elasticity was founded with the intention of seeking diverse thinking and experiences, believing unique perspectives lead to great ideas. Our company was built upon giving a supportive platform where team members are encouraged to express themselves freely. That’s who we are, it’s in our DNA, and we stand with those who support a healthy culture of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Be Elastic

Our name is more than just a brand. It symbolizes a belief that there are two kinds of people: those who adapt and those who fail. In an evolving media world, our flexibility and willingness to adapt are essential to success.

Viva la Idea

A damn good idea can come from anywhere. It does not matter if you are an intern, fresh out of college or collecting social security, have one year or 30 years under your belt, whether you are black or white, like boys or girls, if you’re into breakdancing or the waltz, enjoy eating meat or only veggies. None of these factor into the power of an idea. Bring it.

Work hard, play hard

This is a service business and we work our asses off. Sometimes we’re here early, sometimes late, sometimes on weekends. But the quality of our work–that’s what matters. So get it done, get it done really well, and then go party your tail off.

Mind Matters

If you are part of our team, we recognize that your happiness directly affects the quality of our work. Does that mean we cater to every whim you may have? No, well, if it involves karate or bacon–perhaps. But more important, we don’t care if you feel better wearing a tanktop, bow tie, skirt, jeans or panda suits. We don’t care if you need to head to a coffee shop to really dial in one afternoon. It’s about drive, a commitment to collaboration, and the partnership you share with teammates. Just kick ass, don’t be an asshole and respect your teammates and we’ll get along just fine.


It’s a cluttered media landscape and the same old BS blends right in. Big yawner. Creating concepts that are truly different, however, breaks through clutter. And more often than not, that’s what we get paid to do.

Mistakes Happen

We are human. We make mistakes. Just don’t make the same ones every time or we’ll waterboard you. Seriously, it’s happened before, when Dick Cheney was chief operating officer back in 1972.


Get down on it. Breakdancing, twerking, the waltz. Whatever you dig, dance that jig and do it as often as you can. It keeps the joints loose and the spirit saucy. The one exception? No electric slide! Ever! Seriously!

Endings Happen

We hate to see you leave, but people and clients come and go. That’s cool (more often than not). No hard feelings, no bitter departures, no throwing you out of the building without explanation and sending your things to you in a box. Let’s just enjoy the ride while we’re on it together and hope you don’t steal any critical data that’s vital to national security.