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Why a Bunch of Attorneys Made a Bourbon Video … And Why It’s Awesome

You’ve heard plenty of people preach the gospel of content marketing for almost a decade now. We sing it from the mountaintops at Elasticity.  Quality content fuels strong social engagement and audience growth as well as good media relations, which fuels good search results. And ultimately, it drives business.

For some time, we’ve even had a slide in our presentations to clients, prospects and other audiences that says, “It all starts with content.” And you’ve heard (because we’ve announced it ad nauseum) that the best content is that which is focused on the audience at hand, not on what you and what you sell. Solve their problem, not yours. Make that content about them.

But what does that look like?

Feast your eyes on this brilliant content marketing piece from a Louisville-based law firm Bingham Greenebaum Doll:

This is a video about the bourbon industry in Louisville. It talks about how bourbon distilleries are popping up throughout downtown in the new urban bourbon boom. It gets to the point of illustrating how Bingham helps solve a variety business problems, but the content is focused on the needs of the audience — those investing in or interested in starting bourbon distilleries or facilities.

In short: It’s not about the law firm.

This is content that illustrates the perfect blend of being audience focused while driving that audience to a logical conversion point with the brand. It’s more than entertaining — it’s a lead generation mechanism. But it doesn’t sacrifice usefulness to be so.

Whether you’re writing a video script for a law firm or developing a simple Facebook post, Instagram image or tweet, stop and ask yourself if the content serves them, you or both. The more them with a healthy mix of you, the better.

Need help with your content marketing? Drop us a line. We’d love to help.

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