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Why LinkedIn Pulse is a better B2B blogging platform

WordPress is the industry standard for just about every kind of blog, especially those that fall into the B2B blogging category. The flexibility of the platform and the presence of the open source community that is fueling themes, plugins and more makes WordPress where you want to be in terms of blogging software.

But somebody made a better wheel.

LinkedIn’s Pulse platform, which launched in 2014, expertly combined blogging with social networking. Every LinkedIn user has the opportunity to post there, and while you sacrifice lots of widgets and functionality accessible through WordPress, Pulse has a B2B blogging killer: a list.

When you log in to LinkedIn, you see a little number at the top of your feed that indicates how many people have visited your profile recently.


When you click through, you see all sorts of fun metrics, even the list of who — by name and title, with links to their profiles — has visited your profile. But there’s also a middle tab that allows you to see similar information about people who have read your Pulse posts.


When you click here, you not only get some nifty metrics on each post (click on the slider entry for each post to see metrics on each one), but you also get a demographic breakdown of who your audience is. Then, below that (and not pictured here to protect the privacy of those who visited my recent post), you get a grid of the names, titles and links to profiles for everyone who read, liked, shared or commented on your Pulse entry.


If you have a Premium Business Plus or Executive account on LinkedIn, you can easily click through, add those people to a contact list and boom — hot leads.

Certainly, there are nuances to successfully performing outreach on LinkedIn and making connections with these people that lead to business, but how easy is that? Pulse is free to all users; the Business Plus account on LinkedIn is $49.95 per month. Put them together and you’ve got a simple content-to-lead-generation system on the largest business social network in the world.

What are you waiting for? Go blog!

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