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Your One-Week Facebook Live Challenge

Let me guess: You’re nervous about using Facebook Live for your business. You think you have to do a lot of preparation. You need some fancy camera or lighting. You need to hire “talent” to do the talking.

You’re wrong.

Try this very simple test next week.  It will prove that you are wrong about how difficult Facebook Live is, and you’ll conclude that it’s way better than what you’re currently using Facebook for.

TASK ONE – Write five questions you can ask your customers.

They can be standard research and development questions like, “What feature do you use the most and why?” But they can also be deeper questions like, “What business challenges do you face in the next quarter that you’re currently grappling with?” Or perhaps, “If you find yourself with nothing to do on a Saturday afternoon for two hours, what do you do?”

But write five questions that you would enjoy engaging with your audience around.

TASK TWO – Post a teaser on Friday for next week’s content.

All you have to do is say something like, “Be sure to watch for our Facebook Live posts next week. We’ve got some questions to ask that we want your feedback on!”

TASK THREE – Schedule a consistent time each morning of each day during the next week to post.

You only need about 15 minutes. Choose anyone from your team who is at least modestly comfortable being on camera and can talk without slurs or interruptions.

TASK FOUR – Each day at the chosen time, post a Facebook Live video.

You can use the question as your post title. Then, just look in the camera and say something like this:

“Hello Facebook friends! We’re asking you questions this week to get to know more about your experiences. Today’s question is, ‘If you find yourself with nothing to do on a Saturday afternoon for two hours, what do you do?’ Just drop your answer in the comments here. While we wait for a few to come in, I can tell you that if I find myself with two hours to kill on a Saturday. I …”.

Then, as responses come in, you can read them off, respond to them, laugh along with the audience and so on.

TASK FIVE – Stay “Live for Five”.

Keep your interaction going with your audience for at least five minutes. Give them a chance to see and then come visit and interact with you. Keep in mind, not all of your followers will be logged on or even see your content, but some will and some of those will participate. Sign off by encouraging people to look out for tomorrow’s question at the planned time.

TASK SIX – Review your metrics.

After the week’s end, go back and look at the metrics around your Facebook Live posts. How many people viewed? How many commented or liked? What kind of information, insights or stories did you get out of them?

Now go look at the previous five standard Facebook posts. Which ones produced more or better outcomes?

That’s your challenge for next week. When you’re done, come back and report your comparison in the comments. We’ll be shocked if you aren’t very pleased with your progress.

And if this simple test seems too much for you, give us a call at Elasticity. We’d love to help.

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